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brand design workbook

A workbook designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to lay the foundations of a strong, memorable brand, attract their ideal customers and leave a lasting impression.

Works like magic, reads like a magazine.

A strong brand does not just “happen” by chance

Branding is a methodical system that you apply day-in and day-out to yourself, your business, your products and even your free content! It should consistently strive to inspire your customers and make them feel like you “get them”.

This workbook is perfect for you if –

You want to get a clear understanding of what is a brand and how to apply it to your own business

  • If you want to convey consistent messaging across your brand
  • Attract your target audience
  • You want to create a repeatable system in your designs that you can refer back to instead of shooting in the dark

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what’s included?

A 20 page pdf packed with all the juicy details! Once you signup you instantly receive the password to the digital library where you can access the workbook along with other fab resources!


Define your purpose
Define your brand values
Map out your long term goals
Define your target market


Develop your voice and tone
Branding questionnaire
Inspiration board design
Develop a color scheme


Logo design guidelines
Pattern guideline
Typographic guidelines
Brand imagery guidelines

If you want to

  • Create a long term business
  • Have a framework that defines the heart and core of your business
  • Create a brand that your audience loves to talk about 

Then get the workbook for free!

There might be intense competition and there might even be copycats but it is your brand that will set you apart because no one can take your brand away from you.